Our History

Falaise & Lt. Commander Sydney John Hales R.N. settled & named Fiddler’s Green in 1981.
 Barry & Jennie Johns established the renowned wine vineyard a decade later winning multiple international awards. 
After a worldwide search at sea for two years, the Rath family sailed into New Zealand in 2016 to find & restore the property to an organic vineyard & bistro.

Fiddler’s Green is in 19th-century maritime folklore describing a kind of hereafter for sailors, where there is perpetual mirth, a fiddle that never stops playing, the wine never stops flowing and dancers never tire.

Fiddler’s Green lore states “a sailor can find this paradisiacal land by walking inland with an oar over his shoulder until he finds a place where people ask him what he’s carrying.” 
Fiddler’s Green is where the Rath family has found their heaven on earth to produce fine wines & dining for sailors and land lovers alike.

Our Events